Exploder Balloon Drops ~ £50.00 each

Great for Wedding First Dances, New Year's Eve Parties etc...


These large, clear balloons measure 3 feet across, and hang approx 3 feet down from the ceiling. 

They are air filled, and stuffed with baby balloons and confetti. They are supplied with a decorated 'popping wand', and can be made up in any colour to suit your event theme.

They are hung from the ceiling, and burst at the appropriate moment, giving a balloon drop, and confetti shower.

These are very popular at weddings, where they are usually burst over the happy couple towards the end of their first dance. They are also popular at New Year's Eve celebrations, where one or more are burst over party guests at midnight.

Please check with your venue that they are happy to allow us to attach these to their ceiling - some venues will not allow it. We will need some kind of fixing point to tie the balloon to, such as a hook, nail, screw, air conditioning vent, light fitting etc.

Our delivery and set up is FREE at any venue within Surrey ~ Minimum order value £50.00

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