Balloon Columns ~£45.00 each or £80.00 per pair


Balloon columns are approximately six feet tall, and are usually displayed in pairs.

They can be used either side of doorways, stages, buffet tables etc, at the four corners of a dance floor, or even as a photo backdrop.

The columns are easy to move around your venue, and because they don't need a heavy base or frame inside, they can be taken home after your event.

Balloon columns consist of air and helium filled balloons, making them self supporting. They can be topped with Double Bubbles or Foil Balloons. 

We can supply these for you in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Our delivery and set up is FREE at any venue within Surrey ~ Minimum oder value £50.00

All photos on this website have been taken by us, and show work carried out only by our staff. We do not use photos of work carried out by other venue decorators, or use stock photos from balloon manufacturers' catalogues or portfolios.

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